Choosing the right name for your child is an important task.  Much thought should be given to the name your child will carry with him or her throughout their lifetime.  Try to remember this when you consider a name that is in the limelight now but may sound rather faddish in the long run.

Try names out, sounding them in conjunction with the last name.  Make sure nicknames or letter abbreviations will not give kids a reason to tease your child during school years.  There are so many great names to choose from these days, so you are not limited to traditional given names of the past.  Just keep in mind that your child will have this name forever.

Some of the most popular names projected for 2009 come from celebrity names or hot spot places.  Our picks for the upcoming year, with an emphasis on unique,  include:


Spencer,  Blake,  Adam,  Elliot,  Ethan,  Jackson,  Ashton,  Dallas,  Jac,  Carson,  Aiden,  Shane


Ava,  London,  Miley,  Brenna,  Emma,  Sydney,  Brita,  Sofi,  Sky,  Olivia,  Juliette,  Stella

Some of the most popular traditional names that are given to babies every year?  Michael, Matthew, Christopher and Joseph.  For girls, Elizabeth, Sarah, Emily and Hannah, are always in the top 10 to 20 names for girls.