There are many benefits to using sign language with your baby, but did you know that using sign language can actually help you build stronger bonds? This is because children that can communicate their needs are more likely to get them met in timely manner. As a result your baby will begin to have more trust in you and the bond will be strengthened.

As a parent, you are charged with determining what your baby’s needs are and how
to get them met. Since most infants are most concerned with basic needs like the
need for food, milk, love, a diaper change or a nap, most of the time those needs can
be met in a snap. However, there are times when your baby’s needs are uncertain.

Imagine if you will, a trip to the store with your infant. Being a good parent, you
prepare before you go. You make sure your baby is fed, has napped, has a fresh
diaper and is dressed in the appropriate clothes. After clipping her into the car
seat, she begins to fuss. At this point, you have a couple of choices. One is to try to
figure out what the need is. If you cannot figure out what is wrong, then you have
to choose whether or not you want to drive to town with a fussy baby. Talk about

What if your child dropped her teddy bear on the floor and she could tell you, “I
want my bear”? You could reach on the floor, hand her the bear, the crying stops,
and off you go. Baby sign language allows you to do just this. Signing allows babies
to clearly communicate their thoughts, needs and desires. As a result, this
reduces your stress level as a caregiver by removing the guessing game associated
with trying to figure out what is wrong and in turn, enabling you to meet the exact
need of your child. Children that get their needs met in a timely matter will trust
their caregivers and build stronger bonds with them. And after all, who doesn’t
want a better relationship with their child?

Monika Mira is an author, educator and advisor to childcare professionals and moms. She believes that a multisensory approach is the key to making learning more efficient and enhancing memory. Monika uses sign language as a multi-sensory teaching tool, which she believes is especially helpful for teaching reading. She also uses baby sign language to help parents as well as daycare and preschool staff communicate with infants and toddlers before they have developed speech. Monika is the author of The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book which features over 80 species of fish. Book link: