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No Two Babies Are Alike

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All new parents are concerned about whether they are doing all the right things for their new baby, whether it is the first baby or not. But try to remember that no two babies are alike. Some parents have babies that rarely cry about anything or only to be fed. Other babies seem to cry all the time.

Do not compare babies and do not compare yourself to your friends. Remember that you are dealing with an entirely different little human being than they are. Plus, you might have one baby that was good as gold and your next may be the crier from H ...

What to Pack for the Hospital for Your Baby's Birth

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What You Should Bring to the Hospital for Labor and Birth:

1. Bring 2 pairs of warm socks or slipper socks. Your feet will get cold without socks. And if you walk around during labor, you will need slippers or slip socks.

What to Expect When Delivering and Giving Birth at the Hospital

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As you near the end of your last trimester and begin to get everything ready for your baby's arrival, you are probably getting anxious about the birth and hospital stay.

You have entered an exciting time in your pregnancy and you will be holding your precious baby in your arms soon.

Many of you have probably been reading books about pregnancy and the birth process. I highly recommend knowing as much as possible, because knowledge truly is power.

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