We are very excited to let you know about a site we just discovered called Healthy Stuff. It's a site that gives you immediate access to research done on Children's products and Toys, including car seats. The site is extremely easy to use and the information is presented in a simple coding system with graphics even a child could understand. It shows which products contain lead, arsenic, cadmium, chlorine, mercury and bromine and to what degree it is present in that product.

At HealthyStuff.org you can search by product, by brand or level of concern, for example, your concern of lead in a product. There's even a spot to "tweet" the results you've found so you can quickly share the info with your contacts and friends.

It is certainly no wonder that so many developmental problems are increasing in children and that cancer is a constant threat. But with this website, we all can benefit by choosing products and toys for our children and grandchildren that we know have the least amount of toxic chemicals. Please be sure to spread this info on to friends and family. www.HealthyStuff.org