In many cultures, around the world, parents and babies sleep together in one bed or in close proximity. For approximately 90% of the world's population, cosleeping is just simply the "norm" and has been for thousands of years. That is, except for some areas of Europe and also in North America. In industrialized countries, particularly in recent years, sleeping has become more of a private thing. Many babies, in the United States, sleep in their own crib, in their own room, from the first week of their birth. Many parents do use baby monitors but, if you are a light sleeper like some of us, sometimes it is easier and better for peace of mind to have your baby in your own bedroom.

There is a great debate among parents, doctors and relatives as to what is the right decision regarding babies sharing their parents bed. While there is a real bonding when babies get to share a bed, there are also danger involved as far as suffocation or SIDS. Many people are heavy sleepers and, if this is the case, this presents a danger to a baby sleeping between parents. Another worry is the heavy blankets in a parent bed that can, unknowingly, cause suffocation.

The best recommendation, if you sincerely want to sleep close to your baby in the first months, is to get a small, independent sleep bed that has the baby confined to it's own space, but that fits between both parents in the bed. Another option is the side bed that fits right next to mom or dad, against their side of the mattress.

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