The FDA has recently warned parents and caregivers not to give Simply Thick, a thickening gel, to infants. SimplyThick is a brand of thickening agent available to customers and medical centers that help manage swallowing difficulties in infants.

infants of any age may face an increased risk of developing a life-threatening condition if fed this thickening product. Since May 2011, the agency has identified 22 infants who developed necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a condition in which tissue in the intestines becomes inflamed and dies, after being fed SimplyThick. Seven of those infants died.

The FDA is warning parents to not feed the thickening product to infants before 37 weeks gestation because it could cause a life-threatening condition. They also advice not to feed the gel to premature infants, including those in the hospital and those sent home from the hospital within the past 30 days.

Some symptoms to watch for are a bloated stomach, greenish-tinged vomiting, and bloody stools.

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