This is information all women should know whether they are planning to breastfeed or not. Even if you're not having a baby it would be good to know to pass on to someone who might never have heard this about drying up your breast milk. Amazingly, I breastfed 5 babies, have daughters who breastfed and, to my knowledge, none of us has ever heard about this.

So, during the early days after a baby is born, whether you had planned to nurse and it didn't go well or you just weren't planning to breastfeed, here is what you need to know.

Tips for drying up your Breast Milk
1. Wear a snug fitting bra.
2. Place cold cabbage leaves inside your bra for several hours or until the cabbage leaves wilt. Apparently, cabbage leaves have been used for centuries to help relieve engorgement. Supposedly the cabbage leaves help to reduce swelling and inflammation. Remove any hard veins from the leaves and arrange in your bra so there are no uncomfortable spots.
* Don't use Cabbage if you might be allergic to cabbage or sulfa.
3. Use cold compresses for about 20 minutes at a time, doing this a number of times throughout the day. Frozen bags of vegetables work well as an ice pack ... just keep refreezing. Do not use warm compresses as this may increase milk production.
4. Take an anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprophen, whatever is approved by your doctor and you are not allergic to. Take as needed and as directed.
5. Do not pump but you may hand express to relieve some discomfort. Pumping will stimulate milk production.
6. Be sure to drink water since you do not want to dehydrate. Also, drinking Sage tea daily during the process will help to inhibit milk production.

This information is not intended to replace your doctors instructions. Please consult your doctor if there are any problems.