With all the iPhone apps available, it is no surprise that there are many great apps for parents having babies and for newborn care.

Here are some of the top iPhone apps regarding Babies:

BABY NAMES PLUS - Browse over 8500 baby names, from the trendy to the unexpected. Baby Names Plus allows you to search by gender, origin, popularity, or meaning and save your favorites.

BABY PHONE - With Babyphone, you can turn your iPhone into a baby monitor. Just enter your home phone number or tap in a new number and place it next to your sleeping baby. When iPhone hears your baby wake up, it calls you.

SIGNING TIME ASL - Help your baby “speak” with a little help from Signing Time ASL - Dictionary Flash Cards. Flick through 145 flash cards and learn signs for everything from apple to zebra. Design quizzes to test your progress, and turn on vibrate mode to buzz when you need to guess again.

BABY BUMP - A pregnancy app that lets you record your measurements and dates. A must have for any expectant mom.

BABY CONNECT - Track, log and share daily information about your baby: feed (bottle, nursing, solid), diapers, sleep, mood, activities, milestones, photos, notes.